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Dress collocation


Lolita clothing refers to clothing based on Gothic, sweet and retro styles. Lolita clothing is usually designed on the basis of “dolly-like” lace, lace, lace or bow features to interpret a theme (handle diagram and layout is the most direct transmission of the original intention and emotion of the design) which performed). Lolita’s concept has gradually spread widely from European courts, nobles, dolls, etc., and has become an independent style of clothing.

Some people think that as long as they wear black and white shirts and curry skirts, they are already Lolita. Some people think that Lolita is not just a costume dress. It is actually a kind of spiritual thought, which means ignoring the world norms and becoming a self-contained one.

Lolita is not only a fashion trend, but also a way for young people to express their emotional needs, or to compensate for self-protection. As the developmental psychologist Allison pointed out, young people are in the stage of ‘self-awareness and confusion’. They often have innocence and dreams, have the desire to get rid of the limitations of reality, and need to find themselves, so they are challenged by the wild and the wild. Tradition, expecting to be followed, understood, recognized and truly accepted by others.

Classic Lolita;Sweet Love Lolita;Gothic Lolita;Angelic pretty;Dollss

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Participate in the warm yellow color of the holiday party and show more personality

Yellow outfit;Stylish summer;Ideas and Designs;Holiday party;personality

If you still think that you must buy three classic colors of black and white ash, then you are out. In an era of enthusiasm for self-expression, bright colors are more attractive to others.

Yellow is the color with the highest color in the color system; it has a light, bright, bold and extroverted character, symbolizing the complete soul, peace and rest, and is the color that represents the sun, youth, joy and happiness. Therefore, people who love yellow are clear and romantic. Compared with practice, they are more enthusiastic about theory and thinking, and have the characteristics of longing for success and socializing. Yellow is a symbol of enlightenment, and it has a certain connection with positivity.

In the cold autumn and winter season, the yellow piece will definitely warm you up for the whole winter. Then let’s take a look, what color does the yellow color match to make the whole person’s spirit fully refreshed?

Yellow species also have different degrees of yellow, such as ginger, goose yellow, primrose yellow, etc., of which ginger and primrose yellow are the more popular yellow in recent years. In the bright color system, these two yellows are obviously easier to match!

Let’s take a look at the yellow and what color is right today!

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Long evening dresses at a holiday party or wedding

evening dress,Long,for weddings,simple,Sexy,generous

Evening dresses are produced in Western social activities, ceremonial costumes worn at formal gatherings, ceremonies, and ceremonies in the evening. The skirt is long and the instep, the fabric pursues a smooth, drape, and the color is black. Evening dresses vary in style, and the western-style long dress has a bare back and a feminine look. Accessories become an integral part of the dress, such as the most indispensable evening bag, jewelry, as well as perfume, make-up and so on.

Choosing a silhouette of the skirt is a crucial point. The long dress can not only cover your thick thigh, but also be very cute and cute, showing the unique elegance of the girl.
Simple and casual style is what many people want to have, but it is not easy to see. The most important thing is to choose some evening dresses that are suitable for you and that you like very much. Solid color evening dresses or Lace dresses are an element that girls like, and they should be novel but solemn in style.

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A suitable short skirt with a sexy body

Short skirt is fashionable, sexy, and can show the perfect body of beauty

Wearing a short skirt on a hot summer day can achieve the effect of “heat-relieving”, motorcycle leather with tight skirt, T-shirt with striped A-line skirt, long-sleeved t-shirt with pleated skirt, revealing their sexy curves, short skirt fashion, sexy, Can show the perfect body of beauty, revealing their beautiful body shape.

Short skirts are very popular in the summer, and they are also the favorite among women, the most popular scenery for men. Short skirts are all fashionable and sexy, so friends who wear short skirts should have a taller body and a better sex. Otherwise it is easy to counterproductive.

The girl wearing a short skirt has a unique beauty, this feeling can not be imitated, and even the entire street is unique. Plus a sleeveless shirt and white shoes with a short skirt, it is definitely a rare and beautiful scenery on the street.

Every girl’s temperament is different. Finding the right short skirt is the most beautiful. Please enjoy the matching styles for you.

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52 best high waist maxi skirt

High waisted maxi skirt makes the body more sexy and attractive

The beautiful long skirts in the market are tens of millions, the best for your own! Each girl’s wardrobe has a variety of long skirts, which allow you to switch between elegant and sweet, so the body is not enough to dress.

Autumn is the best season for wearing long skirts. This season is not like the summer, you feel that the long skirt is sultry, and unlike the winter, the cold wind blows the calf straight. Autumn is cool, pleasant autumn wind slowly blows through the skirt of your long skirt, the skirt is like a wave to reflow, imagine how beautiful this is. The choice of long skirts is also varied. Under the premise of matching and keeping warm, half-length skirt is your best choice. Take a look at these lengthy skirts that I have carefully selected for you today.

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The combination of women and umbrellas has entered the fashion world

Umbrella as a decoration, matching it properly will make you more elegant and charming

A small umbrella is not only an ordinary rain gear, but also more interpretation of the true meaning of the umbrella culture “love” – love of love, love of love, love of life, love of the market, love of nature.

Umbrellas have also been given class attributes, the variety of styles is unexpected, different costumes and occasions with different umbrellas, the transition from functional to decorative has also triggered the fashion industry. Umbrellas, beautiful and interesting accessories, with appropriate matching will make you more elegant, full of infinite charm, make good use of umbrellas, will make you look so charming anytime, anywhere. The white lace umbrella held by the woman is full of Rococo style and is extremely romantic.

When it rains, what more romantic than a wedding in the rain? A small umbrella was given a good wish at the moment.

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In the right circumstances women wear skirts and dresses

Girls always wear fashionable skirts and dresses

A skirt is probably the oldest form of clothing.
Today women see skirts and dresses as a feminine so in the right circumstances they wear skirts and dresses. They know a skirt can be attractive and very functional.
Mini dress is a basic style with a small skirt. It is light, comfortable and comfortable. The length of the small dress changes according to the fashion trend and local customs of different periods. It is suitable for many ceremonial occasions, such as cocktail party. Birthday party, business negotiation, dating, vacation, wedding, etc. The mini dresses are made of high-grade fabrics and tailored cuts to showcase the curves of women.
Mini dresses are a must-have for most brands of fashion collections. It is precisely because of the major changes in the style of the small dresses in history that evolved into a variety of styles that are emerging today. Small dresses lead the fashion trend, let the girls have beautiful dresses, embellished with elegant temperament. The little dress brings not only the noble temperament and elegant femininity to the women, but also the symbol of taste and status, which is popular among women.

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Diy fashion design

Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.
Fashion senses the changes taking place in the world and response to them sensitively and immediately. These changes can be directly perceived in the way the individuals dress, giving unambiguous information about the wearers, their wealth, taste, age, national characteristics, etc. The fashion shows the components of desire to belong to a certain group or to be different from it.

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