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The combination of women and umbrellas has entered the fashion world


Umbrella as a decoration, matching it properly will make you more elegant and charming

A small umbrella is not only an ordinary rain gear, but also more interpretation of the true meaning of the umbrella culture “love” – love of love, love of love, love of life, love of the market, love of nature.

Umbrellas have also been given class attributes, the variety of styles is unexpected, different costumes and occasions with different umbrellas, the transition from functional to decorative has also triggered the fashion industry. Umbrellas, beautiful and interesting accessories, with appropriate matching will make you more elegant, full of infinite charm, make good use of umbrellas, will make you look so charming anytime, anywhere. The white lace umbrella held by the woman is full of Rococo style and is extremely romantic.

When it rains, what more romantic than a wedding in the rain? A small umbrella was given a good wish at the moment.

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