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The basic feature of woven hairstyles is to make women look more solemn and decent. However, when you look closely, the style characteristics of each long-haired woven hairstyle are different. The hair style has a strong temperament, and the use of exquisite jewelry of various colors to dress up will be more beautiful, the overall shape is romantic and fashionable.

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30 gradient nails and stylish girls are more matching

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In the spring season, the gradient nail art is a style that many girls want to try. It is not only fresh and temperament, but the most important thing is not to worry about growing up and affecting the appearance.

The nail is made into a gradual change by using the nail polish on the surface of the nail to naturally smudge the transition, forming a very natural color change from deep to light. The gradient nail is very beautiful, like the gradient nails below, elegant and generous, than the solid color nail More eye-catching!

Gradient can be said to be the most versatile style in the nail, who is very beautiful. But it is such a gradient nail art, different color combinations, there will be different feelings, today, let’s take a look at the gradient is not the same.

Monochrome Gradient: It is the most scented one in the gradient nail art. The combination of single color and transparent color makes the whole nail art clean and neat. Even the hard-to-match colors such as pink and light gray, combined with the monochrome gradient, can be tried with black hand yellow.

Two-color gradient: If the monochrome gradient is “fairy”, then the two-color gradient must be “supermodel”, full of high-level feeling. Two different colors, independent and integrated, are high-grade and cool.

Powder gradient: near the New Year, it is the world of glitter gradient. As long as you have a little flash on the solid color manicure, make a gradient, more ordinary nails, will become festive. Even if it is black, you can play the feeling of Chinese New Year.

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Braided hairstyles with flowers is beautiful for brides at weddings

weaving hairstyles with flowers will look more perfect and more individual

Whether it is fashion or life, from small to hairstyle, you can see the soul of a person, or freedom or oppression, everything is the choice of the heart. Living with your heart, starting from the heart, starting from scratch, the world is far more beautiful than you think. Girls will choose beautiful clothes and jewelry, and braiding is the same reason, let yourself be happy and make yourself beautiful, this is fashion. I moved the flowers on my head and felt that my whole head was full of flowers, which was really beautiful.

When many brides get married, they like to choose some brides with flowers and hairstyles. These brides will make them look more perfect. With the addition of fresh flowers, such brides will have a more perfect hairstyle and personality.

Long hair, woven fluffy air, full of ponytail hairstyle full of Sen wind. The flowers are embellished with hairstyles to filter out the extra messy feelings. With different flowers, different colors, beautiful flowers, it is very fresh. The position of the flower cake is changed, and the visual feeling is different.

Please enjoy some of the flower-made renderings for the beauty.

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30+fun nail art ideas must be different

The change of nail art to the overall image temperament is not small. People often say that the hand is the second face of a person, and that you can see it when you look down, so the image of the senses is still very important. The image of the nail opponent has been significantly improved, and it can also appear that the whole person is more refined, more passionate about life, and pays more attention to details.

Nail is the most exciting part of the hand, sexy red long slim nails, easy to form a sexy association with men; neat and beautiful nails, will give people the impression of trust, very good feeling. Slim and ten fingers, although not as important as a beautiful face, it is another implicit standard for appraisers.

From the color system, women with darker skin color choose darker red, bean paste and other darker series; while women with white skin will use bright color series or colorless transparent nail polish will be very beautiful; light color nail polish will make The fingers look slim and slender; pink and beige will soften the contours of the hands.

Whether it’s a summery candy-colored nail, or a rhinestone intarsia, or a crystal manicure, let’s take a look at the must-have summer fashion manicure.

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The combination of women and umbrellas has entered the fashion world

Umbrella as a decoration, matching it properly will make you more elegant and charming

A small umbrella is not only an ordinary rain gear, but also more interpretation of the true meaning of the umbrella culture “love” – love of love, love of love, love of life, love of the market, love of nature.

Umbrellas have also been given class attributes, the variety of styles is unexpected, different costumes and occasions with different umbrellas, the transition from functional to decorative has also triggered the fashion industry. Umbrellas, beautiful and interesting accessories, with appropriate matching will make you more elegant, full of infinite charm, make good use of umbrellas, will make you look so charming anytime, anywhere. The white lace umbrella held by the woman is full of Rococo style and is extremely romantic.

When it rains, what more romantic than a wedding in the rain? A small umbrella was given a good wish at the moment.

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