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As we all know, the closest thing to nature is the first floor, but the relative privacy is also a certain threat. If the courtyard on the first floor is effectively designed, beautiful and practical, it is best.

Planting the most eye-catching natural landscape, such as vegetation, flowers, rocks, etc., not only can show the functionality to the fullest, but also become a beautiful landscape of the house. If the courtyard space allows, I believe that many people will place tables and chairs in the sofa, chat with a few good friends when they are free, and look at the beautiful scenery, life will add a lot of fun.

However, it should be noted that the selection of garden plants cannot be casual. It is necessary to fully understand the growth habits of plants and the characteristics of the sunshine duration on the first floor. In order to save energy for future care, try to plant some flowers that are cold and easy to grow. When summer comes, the flower stand that is covered with flowers has another use, which is used to cover the sun and avoid the heat. Don’t mention how comfortable it is.

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