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Dress collocation

Woman’s hat

Wearing a hat seems to be a simple form of life dress, but in essence reveals women’s pursuit of ultimate life.
As an imaginative work, hats have gradually become suitable for occasions: at the wedding, in baptism, and in the Eucharist, the ladies wear their visor and soft hats, competing for this beauty, dark and dark Competing. It can be said that a woman’s hat is a symbol of wealth and emotion.

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A comfortable, free-floating flat-bottom shoe that many hipsters love

The days of wearing super high-heeled shoes every day should be over, and few people can wear super high-heeled shoes. In fact, pointed flat shoes can give you the same temperament effect, let you dress up as a lady and dress up a strong woman. Whether you are attending a formal event or going on a date, a pair of pointed flats is enough to make your appearance quite lethal. A comfortable, free-floating flat-bottom shoe that many hipsters love. Pointed flats are easy to match, you can use it with a dress, you can look like a lady, or you can wear tight jeans, the trickling legs are outstanding.

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